Environmentally Conscious

My goal in creating jewelry is to add art to this world, without adding any harm. This means I use ethically sourced gemstones, non-toxic cleaning methods, and eco-friendly packaging.

Each handcrafted piece of jewelry is created around individually hand-selected gemstones that originate from ethical mining practices, which  I usually purchase directly from the lapidary artist who cut, shaped, and polished the stones.

Throughout my personal creation process, I minimize and recycle and scrap material and use only non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning processes. Instead of hazardous acids, I use a salt and vinegar solution to clean each piece after soldering and add Dawn dish soap to my tumbler in place of burnishing compounds.

Once a piece has found its person, it is carefully packaged using all 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials. This includes the Kraft jewelry box with hand-stamped logo, tissue paper, filler paper, shipping box, and even my information and business cards.