About Me

Hello, my name is Lisa Marie Emmitte. I am the jewelry designer and silversmith  behind Lisa Marie Studios, where I make one of a kind sterling silver jewelry from my home in Houston, Texas. 

I have always been an artist at heart and fell in love with sterling silver artisan jewelry on a road trip to Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico in 2020. On this trip, I saw so many beautiful pieces by native artists and began to immerse myself in the world of silversmithing online while camping in my Jeep in the Kaibab National Forest outside of Grand Canyon National Park with my rescue dog Chuck. Since then, I have fallen completely in love metal, fire, and hand-selected ethically sourced gemstones.

I am a self-taugh silversmith and the one-woman show behind Lisa Marie Studios. My collection of handcrafted artisan jewelry is continually growing and evolving, constantly working with new materials, testing new techniques, and developing new designs. I pour my heart and soul in to each piece, striving to create unique jewelry that is both boho and edgy, but always modern and minimalist. 

I am originally from the Philadelphia area, but currently reside in Houston, Texas with my loving husband Michael and our three dogs, Chuck, Maddison, and Penny Grace.